Lawn Facts
Better to Mulch than Bag

Clippings do not need to be bagged when mowing is done on a regular basis of 4-7 days apart.  These grass clippings contain approximately 80% moisture and decomposes back into the soil.  This does not cause thatch, but instead is actually nutritious to the soil.

Watering Your Lawn

A lawn should be watered once or twice a week applying 1½ inches to 2 inches of water each time.  This amount of water allows moisture to reach the deepest roots.  By allowing the soil to dry between watering, the roots will go deeper to reach the moisture and nutrients it needs.  Light daily watering leaves too much water at or near the surface of the soil and does not reach all of the roots where it is needed.

Watering your lawn early in the morning is the best time, as evaporation is at a minimum.

Mowing Techniques

To keep a lawn properly maintained it is important to mow the lawn in different directions each time.  This will help prevent soil compaction and uneven mowing where sharp turns occur.

Mowing Myths

MYTH: Lawn clippings cause THATCH….

Thatch occurs as a part of the natural regeneration of grass plants.  Proper lawn maintenance keeps thatch at a minimal level.  Leaving grass clippings on the lawn does not significantly contribute to thatch buildup.  Grass clippings are more than 80% water, and decomposes back into the soil.

MYTH: Mowing low allows more time between mowings….

Growth of grass is affected by weather, season and fertilizer.  Thus, mowing too low increases stress on the lawn, and makes your lawn susceptible to weeds and disease.